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All Pony Academy Camps, Clinics & Services must be paid before the service is taken. Academy/ Grove Clinics days run by Grove are rolled over on the condition that we are notified no less than 48 hrs before the booked lesson, or ASAP in emergency situations. No cancellation or attempted communication will result in the deposit fee for the Pony Academy Day(s) being retained/ charged. Academy days & Grove Clinics will also roll over for cancellations due to severe weather. Please note; riders should be in good health to participate in the programme, we reserve a right to postpone a Academy Camp/ Grove Clinic if a student turns up ill or concussed to their booking. Riders attending a holiday programme, clinic or lesson who are under the age of nine or have a disability requiring physical or mental assistance must provide a caregiver to attend sessions that can be actively involved with helping the rider for the duration of their booking.
Any rider under 16yo attending a clinic must have gaurdian consent, details completely filled in for contact.

Grove will do the utmost to establish and maintain the highest safety standards to keep all students safe and generate an environment to instill, or, reinstill confidence in our riders enhancing their future equestrian pursuits. Grove requires that all students and visitors abide by rules an requirements and follow the requests of staff, as our intent is to all people on the property safe. All activities at Grove are subject to consent of the participants at their own risk, and we are not liable for damage to persons or property.
Horses staying on this property is at the owner's risk and Grove will not be held liable for any injury.
On submitting this form you are agreeing to Grove's terms and conditions, a copy will be sent to the email address supplied above. If an invalid email address is given the booking will not be processed so please check you have supplied the correct email address.


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I hereby declare that I, (name:) Will abide by Grove's rules and requests for my safety and the safety of others, and that I; ride at my own risk/ Give consent for my child to ride.