Grove Stables is now a Horse Archery school. We no longer run beginner lessons. 
we do however run beginner Ground archery classes, Beginner Horse riding skills for Horse Archery and Intermediate and up Horse Archery classes and club.


Grove Horse Archery Academy

Beginner Level (D+)
We are running beginner mounted archery lessons for this new sport. Beginners should be taking one riding lesson and one archery class per week, requirements to begin is riding at D+ NZ Pony Club level. Classes as follows:


Riding lesson Weekly $65/ week casual
Field Archery Skills (unmounted) $30/ week casual


Intermediate Level (C/ C+)
Intermediates should be taking one riding lesson and one archery class per week, requirements for Intermediate is riding at C/C+ 
NZ Pony Club level. Classes as follows:


Riding lesson Weekly $65/ week casual
Field Archery Skills (unmounted) $30/ week casual

Mounted Archery skills $45/week casual


Please note this is a Horse riding discipline firstly, the archery skills required are learned after aquiring riding level to at least D+. Prospective students who are unable to show us these riding and handling skills will be encouraged to achieve these first, before entering GHAA. Please see the mounted archery signup form for further details, or email




1. All riders must be enrolled for lessons; if you haven't you can here: enrol me! No enrolment means we don't have written permission for your rider to ride with us, or any contact details incase of emergency situations. Un-enrolled riders will not ride.

2. Full payment for lessons are due before the service is taken. 
Commitment to lessons: upon enrolment your rider is committed to one whole term of riding. The reasoning we have decided upon this is as follows:

  1. Filling openings mid term is a challenge, having turned other riders away, they find other places to ride for the term.
  2. Riders who attend intermittently will not build and maintain basic muscle tone or coordination required for beginner ridden horse skills, also making it impossible for the rider to advance and improve their skills.
  3. Regular attending riders' skills will soon surpass other riders who don't attend regularly, and it is unfair on them to make them repeat work for too long due to safety concerns for the other riders who have fallen behind.

Please note credit expires upon finish of the term now. It will not include holiday programme credit.
You may be turned away if service is not paid for. *There are 2 methods of payment. Please enquire via email,

3. Lesson postponements. lessons are rolled over on the condition that we are notified no less than 2hrs before the booked lesson. These Credits must be used within the term they have been purchased for.
Credits can go towards attending other lessons. Any credit should be rebooked within term.

  • From Term 3 2017, sick days credit will be at our discretion, Any credit will go towards another lesson you arrange to attend in the term. Not including crediting for a dr. certificate.

4. No cancellation. will result in the full fee for the lesson being retained. Cancellations may be made via phonecall, text, & email.

5. Family discount if any, applies to immediate family and is interchangeable between family members.

6. Public holidays & Showery days; we will not cancel any lessons; there will STILL be a 1hr lesson in theory Horse + Stable Management lesson starting at NZPC D certificate level/ Archery theory or games, depending on rider's level.

7. Thunderstorms; we will run Theory lessons these days if the weather is electrical storms or gales, for the safety of the horses and riders. There will be a 1hr Stable & Horse Management Theory class run in lieu.

8. Rider Injury. If your rider is injured outside of lessons, we require a medical certificate clearing the rider to be fit to ride again. A medical certificate will allow us to credit lost lessons. We will not credit any lessons missed without a medical certificate.




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