Opportunities to learn at Grove Riding School

While we realise that most riders may not have big goals to ride in the olympics, we believe that our school should offer as many possibilites for advancement in ridden and management theory as possible. At grove riding school we offer these pathways to help our riders advance and achieve the practical skills and knowledge required to become a professionals in the equine industry should this be the rider's goal.

Riding Lessons  9yo+
To learn and achieve the basics with riding and basic horse management. Halt, Turning, rising trot, Sitting trot, canter, jump. Controlling the horse inside & out of the arena.

Horse Archery Lessons 9yo+

To learn and achieve D, D+ & C pony club certificate theory riding and horse management and learn basic ground and horse archery skills as well as saftey theory and discipline in this sport. Opportunities to hire school horses and attend Katrina Kruse coaching clinics for the budding horse archer of any age.

Pony Academy - Day camps/ Overnight camps 9yo+
These camps are specifically for those beginner riders that have started lessons and can't get enough! This holiday programme, Pony Academy allows for more time during the longer programme to expand on what the riders are learning in lessons, and will help them start to learn basic D certificate theory with the school horses. The camps are a ton of fun, plenty of opportunity to meet new friends, and return in Term 2 holidays 2017.

Saddle Club 10yo+ (D, D+, C, C+ Certificates)
Building on riding lessons skills, while still attending lessons, this programme works with the riders who have advanced through basic beginner lessons as they begin D+ Certificate Riding and Horse management Theory, these riders have achieved the basics in Cantering, jumping and flatwork. There will be opportunites to lease the school horses and attend ribbondays and training days on these horses. This programme teaches responsible horse ownership and prepares the riders for low level competitions. C+ Certificate is the goal.

Grove Leaders 14-16yo+
This works in with our Saddle Club and allows the opportunities for the riders to share responsibilities, learn to work as a team together and know how to begin to watch for risk assessment and basic teaching of beginner riders on and going off lead rein. They may also learn how to do basic schooling of the riding school horses and attend and assist with Grove events and holiday programmes.

ESNZ Stable management - Level 1 15-17yo+
ESNZ assessed Stable and Horse management programme. ESNZ assessed Ridden Theory. These two units are run by ESNZ and assessed by them. There is cost involved in achieving them. The Qualifications can help riders become professional grooms in New Zealand and overseas, this can open the door to individual competition stables training the rider, to help them go further in the industry.

ESNZ Coaching - Level 1 18yo+
ESNZ assessed Coaching unit. This unit will qualify the student to become an ESNZ level 1 coach. Recognized by ESNZ. There is cost in achieving this unit.