Opportunities to learn at Grove Horse Archery Academy

Here are some opportunities to learn with us at Grove

GHAA Horse Archery Beginner Archery & Ridings Classes   12yo+
These classes are for riders who have achieved D+ and are riding and handling horses at this level. Classes are run separately to work towards skills to eventually combine both disciplines into one and to achieve safe horse archery theory methods. They will be taking one Horse riding skills class and one ground Archery Class per week.

GHAA Intermediate Horse Archery Lessons 12yo+

These classes are for riders who have achieved C/C+ in riding and handling and have or are hiring a horse for Horse Archery. They will be taking one ground Archery Class and One Horse Archery Class - with shooting from horse, per week.

Grove Horse Archery Academy - Day camps/ Overnight camps 12yo+
These camps are specifically to continue on learning Horse Archery Theory in a more intensive way, or for Intro days where new comers capable of handling and riding their own horse would like to gauge how their horse reacts to Horse Archery, before committing to a Katrina Kruse Clinic. The camps are a ton of fun, plenty of opportunity to meet new friends and learn new skills.

Phoenix Horse Archery Club - Auckland
 These riders have achieved the basics in Cantering, jumping and flatwork, Have their own horse & have attended at least one Katrina Kruse clinic and have a good handle on her coaching. This club is a regional club under NZHAA (New Zealand Horse Archery Assoc. under IHAA) rally days, coaching & practice will be run for goals with competition as a focus. There will be postal matches which rank members worldwide held at the club grounds. Annual Christmas BBQ & Summer competitions.

Katrina Kruse Clinics & Private Coaching
Katrina Kruse is an International IHAA coach level 4, one of the initiators for IHAA and the competions and successful competitor in International Horse Archery who comes and takes 4 clinics per year in New Zealand. 2 located in Auckland and 2 located in Christchurch. Each clinic she has places for Private coaching which is absolutely invaluble for advancing with this discipline.

IHAA International Horse Archery Competitions
Advance through the club levels and pins and compete overseas in IHAA competitions.