Miss Lotte She is a 15.1hh Tobiano Fleabitten grey and white 17yo stationbred x Mare. Lotte has done Pony Club and farm riding. She is a great jumper, and has a beautiful canter. Her favorite thing is bucket goodies time. If you get to ride her she really like carrots and apples. *Wink* She is good friends with Shadow.


Mr. Rusty is on loan from the McDermot family, the same awesome people who loaned us the legendary Jaffa and lovley Zak. Rusty has a great working brain, always wants to do what you want to do - don't forget to tell him, or he will just guess. He loves to trot and canter up hills and jump. He has a really good halt and can be patient too! A very nice guy who wants to please his rider. Don't forget to scratch his ears, he loves it, and they get itchy! If you give him treats, he's your best friend! *Mr. Rusty is currently on holiday with Hannah & Rebekah at their big dairy farm


Miss. Shadow is a 14.2hh Dark Brown welsh Cob pony Mare. She is head of the big pony herd. Miss. Shadow is kind but can be bossy. She is good at everything, but her favorite things to do are adventures out, cantering, jumping and eating goodies. She is very smart.


Miss. Sarah is a 23yo 12hh Fleabitten Grey Welsh pony Mare. She Loves goodies, adventures, jumping, cantering & gentle riders. Miss. Sarah is happy to be on her own, though her best friend is Snoopy - or bossing the mini men around. Sarah is the proverbial unicorn!


Mr. Snoopy. He is an 11.1hh Timor x gelding. He is very kindly on loan to us from the Norman family. Speaking of unicorns, He is a super special pony who is good at jumping, cantering, trotting, games & trekking. He has done many pony club events with his family and is a great teacher for kids wanting to learn and give things a go. He has a cheeky streak, as most ponies do - so be sure to feed him his goodies after you are done ungearing him!

*Mr Snoopy has now gone home to teach his Grandchildren to ride - Thank you Norman Family! xxxx




Mr. Marley is a 6yo 10hh+ Dark brown Shetland x Gelding. He is laid back and likes hanging out with his friends and goodies and grooms. He is also adventurous. He is on lease from his current owner. He goes to Preschool and does pet day lead reins!


Mr. Possum is a 4yo 10hh+ Silver Dapple Shetland x Gelding. We have had him since he was 2yo and has come a long way, as he has learned most of his manners. He is in progress currently. He loves his buddies and is very curious. He loves adventures and jumping poles. Takes everything in his stride, but now remembers his manners.




Meet our Leaders & Staff

Our leaders work hard to help you all learn to ride and have fun on the Grove Pony Academy days & help coordinate the birthday parties we host. Without them things would not run quite so smoothly! They also commit to weekly training so that they can teach the riders better in lessons and at pony academy.


Charisa & Mr. Zak is a 16.2hh Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding. He is super tall! but incredibly kind and sensitive. He isn't really a complete beginner's horse as he is sensitive and needs a quiet rider, but he gets on with most people who have ridden before and is not fizzy or hot. He loves adventures, showing off his pretty trotting or quiet cantering, little jumps and goodies and grooms. He is best friends with George & Vienna.


Daniel & Mr. George is a 16.2hh Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding. He is super tall! but incredibly kind and sensitive - just like Zak. We got him from a trekking place - but his saddle was broken there and he never had an adverse reaction, no buck, rear or bolt - just closed down because it was sore. We got our awesome physio out (Jackie McAra) and after 3 sessions she was confident he would feel better and we could ride him again as normal. It took him a while to discover he could jump again without pain. He love games, and goodies - and he is Dan's mate. He is friends with Zak & Vie.


Miss. Vienna is a 14yo 16.2hh Dark brown Thoroughbred mare. She was given to us free as the owner thought her too nice to get put down. She is really good with people and was raised as a foal by people as her (ch) dam, "diplomatic princess" died when she was born. Her sire is "Strike Diamonds" and her racing name was "Balamory". We rode her after she had a seven year break, she was very good. She's not a school horse, but is kind and we will offer her a home with us as long as we can.

Senior Leaders

Meet Amber & Ty - the pair have a cando attitude, unfazed at jumping new jumps, trying new things & learning new techniques. At last year's Christmas BBQ they came as Olaf the snowman and featured in a jumping demonstration. Amber is learning to be our Jnr. Instructor for lesson 1 on Saturdays.



Meet Sarah & Hokie. Sarah is super committed to helping, and attends two days a week Leader work + riding both Miss. Sarah & Miss. Sparrow, and any extra Pony Academy we do in the holidays (including frying in the summer heat!). She is great at helping her leadreinees, and has alot of trivia she can teach you if you ask!

Meet Hannah & Evie. Hannah is a quiet, but fast learner. She is very friendly and is very good with her leadreinees. She knows alot and is committed - be sure to ask her any questions you might have.

Rebekah. Rebekah is currently training and taking lessons to learn how to assist the Senior leaders and staff for Pony Academy in the holidays.



Watch this space. There will be more helpers added as positions arise.

Obituaries & Thanks for the Loan
To all our previous leased and loaned horses and ponies thank you for teaching our students and to their owners thank you for trusting us with them so that we can give our students a good experience and build their confidence, some of them for the second time.

Mr. Jaffa Jaffa was given to us, and his owners were Zak's old owner's also! Jaffa and Zak used to be paddock mates. Jaffa is 15.2hh Quarterhorse Chestnut gelding, and a ton of fun, he has many hidden talents as has done pretty much everything and is totally willing to have a go at whatever the ride brings. He loves Jumping, Cantering & adventures over the farm. He is great with any age. 
His best friends are Elle, Shadow & Lotte.
Mr Jaffa is now cantering in the big paddock in the sky. Thanks Jaffa for your help and patience, you truly were a champion.


Miss. Elle is a 15.1hh Bay Standardbred Mare. She is tall, but kind to new riders. She tends to guess what her rider wants to do and obliges. She is good at everything too, but enjoys adventures out as she is brave and nothing scares her, she loves trotting and cantering & goodies. She is a very cool horse, even our little ones can ride her.
Miss Elle is Cantering with Jaffa in the Big Paddock in the Sky; I bet she doesn't have a limp anymore either - not that this ever slowed her down. Miss you Elle - you were amazing.


Mr. Tonto has gone back to his home now. Thank you Tonto for your help!

Mr. Tonto is a 22yo 14hh Pinto Stationbred Gelding. He loves grooms, Carrots and Miss. Poto.


Miss. Poto has gone home, and has since passed away peacefully. Thank you Poto for your help and cuddles.

Miss. Poto is a 30yo+ grey Connemara mare. She is mostly living here on retirement, but does give the occasional lead rein to young children. Her favorite things are goodies and grooms. Her best friend is Mr. Tonto.


To the memory of Lara, 15.1hh 7yo bay TB mare & Pilot, 15.3hh 7yo grey stationbred gelding, - not every horse is perfect nor thier rider, but the lessons that were learned from both of you were worth the struggles and the experience, however, I've come to terms that you are both at rest and no longer suffering from the effects of your brain tumors. Rest in Peace, Ponies.